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Reward Your Customers & Keep Them Coming Back

Loyal customers are the foundation of any successful company. The new LoyalRiders customer reward program provides an easy-to-use platform designed specifically for limousine & chauffeured ground transportation companies to create “customers for life” and differentiate your company from your competition.

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About LoyalRiders

Reward Your Customers & Keep Them Coming Back

In today's volatile and rapidly changing marketplace it is vital that every quality provider actively differentiates their brand and solidifies the relationships they have with their most valuable customers. Loyal Riders gives you the unparalleled opportunity to not only create loyalty, but increase profits using existing airline/travel/retail points/miles programs with no IT or integration costs.

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The research results are in:

  • 90% of members will switch to a company that offers an incentive of points/miles
  • 84% of customers would return to a company with an incentive program
  • 73% of members wish there were more ways to earn points/miles in their favorite program
  • Up to 20% repeat annual visits by offering an incentive program
  • 13% more spend from loyalty program members than non-loyalty customers
  • Customers are 6 times more likely to convert on offers that include points/miles

Make every ride more rewarding

For both you and your customers.

The LoyalRiders Reward Program is your way of thanking your best customers for doing business with you and building loyalty with new customers, without absorbing the administration burden usually associated with off the shelf programs.  With DriveProfit's LoyalRiders program there are no punch cards or coupons.  There is no hardware to buy, IT specialists to employ, no program management to keep up with and, no complicated reward fulfillment; just happy customers that keep coming back to you whenever they need chauffeured services.

Our limousine and chauffeured ground transportation rewards program is simple: rewarding your passengers based solely on what they spend with you. LoyalRiders also offers the types of rewards that are most meaningful to your customers.  Not just complimentary rides, but an ability to earn points that are exchangeable for other popular programs - airline miles, hotel stays, consumer electronics & services and more.

Working with our fulfillment partners at points.com (more than 3.8 million users managing nearly 106 billion miles/points),  LoyalRiders delivers the most inclusive limousine and chauffeured ground transportation reward program in the industry.

DriveProfit, LLC provides an industry-specific, hosted online loyalty and rewards program solution. We understand what motivates people and how the limousine/chauffeured transportation works.  We also know how to drive business to your door.

Give your customers and affiliates a choice!  LoyalRiders doesn't just provide complimentary ground transportation or discounts on local restaurant purchases, our reward points are redeemable for mileage/points in the programs that they already love including airlines, hotel stays, free gas and consumer electronics.

Why is LoyalRiders the World's Best Loyalty Program for Limousine and Chauffeured Services?

For both you and your customers.

Customized Rewards

Give your loyal customers rewards they really want & that give them a reason to choose YOU.

Email Campaigns

Digitally connect with your customers & drive them back with targeted emails.

Social Exposure

Build testimonials and other online reviews to attract new customers.

Mobile Integration

Remind customers of special services and offerings to keep your company front of mind.

Offering loyalty points/miles as a purchase incentive can increase repeat purchases by 15 - 20% annually. Giving your customers a choice of what points/miles they can earn will add even more value to your business.

  • Increase interest and awareness for your business by issuing awards as prizes for on-line contests, trade shows and other promotional events.
  • Increase repeat bookings, up-selling and cross-selling by customizing your award offers for specific services including online reservations, business/leisure tie-ins and more.
  • Use points/miles to incentify specific behaviors like registering for e-mails, writing testimonials and engaging in social media channels

We will help you increase awareness of your brand and deliver new customers by reinforcing the loyalty program value with monthly email updates to participants and a customized web page on your website promoting the program.

Ready to join the program? It's easy to apply for an account and start rewarding your customers today!

Just tell us a little about your company and we'll show you how to use miles/points to promote your business and build loyal fans!

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